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LPDC Machine Application

As a first choice brand, Wanfeng LPDC machines are with the characteristics of various series, stable performance, easy operation and high automation to be used in the fields of motorcycle and auto mobile parts, electric accessories, and construction machinery parts and so on.

Wanfeng 455A Casesly used low-pressure machine construction machinery castings, cast rate increased dramatically

The engineer hydrodynamic torque converter castings like pump wheel, turbine were made by gravity die casting technology before, however its output rate was very lower (only 60%) and reject rate was very high (even reach to 30%). The rough surfaces, lower mechanical properties, and lower efficiency after installation, all are the quality difficulties needed improves urgently...

Wanfeng 458F low pressure machine help customers complete system to enter the German Bosch

Diesel engines typically use domestic oil pump body castings gravity casting process, in January 2007, Wanfeng an important customer requests the use of low-pressure casting process, in order to improve the mechanical properties of oil pump body, to support their entry into the German Bosch matching system...

Wanfeng 453D, 455F low pressure casting machine in the high-voltage electric field to show their talents

The cable clamps used in ectrical power transmission line like cuniform tension clamps and clamp bodies are generally produced by gravity die casting technology, but lower output (less then 70%) and higher reject rate (rich to 20%) with bad surface and mechanical properties...

Wanfeng 4510 diesel engine low-pressure machines to easily control the production of complex castings

Bedplate and flywheel housing are the main parts of engine, but their structures are generally very complex. D19TCI diesel engine is the innovative passenger diesel engine developed by a Yunnan Engine Company in China. The bedplates equipped in this engine are produced by high pressure casting technology before, but the reject rate reached to 60% and the unstable technology can not meet the mass production...
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