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Robot platform for multi-station rotary

It is the innovative product including rotary platform, 6-8 GDC machines, integrated control system, industrial robot pouring system. It can be used for automatic pouring conveyer system of Al. alloy castings with the assistance of robot. By divided several working process, one platform can achieve several machines and functions to lower operation difficulties and improve efficiency.

One operator can do several processes, lowering 10-20% labor costs, casting carousel WFX500/650/900 helps a Wenzhou Auto Parts Company create more values.

Up to now, Wanfeng has been provided three sets of casting carousel for this group, and helps to reduce 50 labors (three shifts) and convenient operation by simple training as the processes division....

Wanfeng casting carousel WFX400 improves efficiency of turbocharger greatly for the Chinese biggest company

The casting carousel WFX400 is provided to a Wuxi Group, which is the biggest turbocharger manufacturer in China. The cell contains the rotary platform, 6 GDC machines, integrated control system and industrial robot, and can realize automatic Al. alloy casting pouring. The integrated control system contains the three control units for rotary robot, GDC machine and pouring robot, and drove by the driving platform in the center. Three working stations are set for product extraction, core setting & mould locking and pouring, among which the pouring is done by robot, and the other two steps are done by manual. The oxide remover can ensure the quality and improve the site management. Only one worker is enough to operate all the GDC machines, which reduce the labor intensity and costs greatly.
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