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Wanfeng robot integrated system

Wanfeng robot technology and integrated cells with system solution is the medium and high-grade automatic products in Chinese Special Casting Industry. It is a good choice not only for its very competitive price, but also for the years of rich experience and thoughtful service.

The different robotic solutions like pouring robot solution, clean robot cell, investment casting robotic solution, forging robot cell, robot sand de-coring and product extraction system, CNC testing cell robotic moving (loading and unloading ) solution, all are widely used in many industries including auto & auto parts, motorcycle & motorcycle parts, aircraft parts, power electricity, engineering machinery, high speed railway, military and logistics. We Wanfeng can design and carry out the projects of different robot production lines for special casting industry, including technical circuit diagram, layout, robot selection, nonstandard equipment custom-made, auxiliary tools, control system design & debugging, and the castings try out. The completed robot solution and turnkey projects can be Casesly provided.

1.With high-end R&D creative platform: Wanfeng research institute, Wanfeng National grade Tech. Center, Academician Workstation
2.Service team of different professors
3.With rich experience, we can analyze and solve difficulties and problems efficiently
4.Mature resource assurance. Through the alliance with international advanced robot companies, we ensure the advantages of technology and its application.
5.Systematic training for our customer is another value added serive.

Wanfeng robot integrated with gravity die casting machine system break the bottleneck for Chongqing Motorcycle Alloy Wheel Company, and improve the productivity greatly

It is the most mature and advanced robot system, and more than a hundred sets of the robot integrated with GDC machines cells are widely used up to now. It is the production site from our wheel customer in Chongqing, where the fifty sets of the cells are used, and help increase the annual productivity to 12 million pieces...

Wanfeng precision casting applications the robot unit in harsh environments easily manipulated to achieve continuous production

The system was developed for the casting process automation system of a precision shell casting, mainly used in the process of casting sand core feeding, stick pulp, due to difficult operating environment in the process, dust is high, the product weight, area of ??operation dangerous, companies throughout the manufacturing process to optimize the design and layout...

Wanfeng industrial robot application system integration unit, a cylinder head for the Shanghai company to reduce labor costs

The system is based on a Shanghai Wanfeng customer requirements, combined with the company a wealth of experience in the development of gravity casting. The system includes an industrial robot, with the ladle rotating gear, a rotatable ladle, three gravity machine and aluminum scrap recovery, and gravity machines with robots, automatic casting and casting with casting cycle short...
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